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Custom Laminated Barrier Pouches

Ensure your moisture, oxygen, or ESD sensitive devices or materials stay dry with Industrial pouches from MacPac, Inc.  This barrier packaging protects against static and keeps moisture sensitive devices safe within the package.  Available in opaque, translucent or clear high barrier laminates.  We can custom design to your specifications to offer the best barrier properties whether you are seeking a MVTR of <.02 grams / 100 square inch / 24 hrs. or MVTR’s down as low as < .0006 grams / 100 square inch / 24 hrs.  We sell and distribute these industrial pouches to the following industries:

• Military
• Electronics
• Aerospace
• Medical
• Pharmaceutical
• Boxing & Crating
• Packaging Distributors
• Computing

Laminated material layer constructions include:

  • Polyester/Poly, metallized Polyester /Poly, metallized Polyester / barrier Polyester/Poly, Nylon/ Poly, metallized Polyester / metallized Polyester / Poly, Polyester / Foil / Poly, Nylon / Foil / Poly, Polyester / Foil / Nylon / Poly, OPP/ Foil / Poly
  • Raw Material Films - Polyester , Nylon (BON, OPA) , LLDPE, LDPE , metallized Polyester, Foils, BOPP, OPP, Custom Components
  • Layers - up to 4 layers

Coatings include:

  • ESD, Barrier

Flexible Packaging Constructions:

A flexible packaging structure typically consists of multiple layers of materials laminated together, with each layer performing a crucial role in your packaging's performance and presentation. Each Layer provides specific performance characteristics, such as:

  • Oxygen, moisture ,or light resistance
  • Chemical resistance
  • Puncture resistance
  • Tear resistance
  • Rigidity
  • Glossy or matte appearance
  • Opacity or translucency
  • Heat sealability
  • Print receptivity


Translucent Pouch

Protective Packaging utilizing Metalized Polyester and Aluminum Foil Films

Metalizing polyester film involves melting aluminum and vapor depositing in a vacuum chamber onto the polyester surface of the films. This creates the ideal surface for static shielding and EMI shielding barrier products. Metalized polyester films offer MVTR's of <.02 to <.005. Using aluminum foil for film / foil / poly laminate constructions offer MVTR's down as low as <.0006 gm/100sqin/24hours.  Call MacPac today for your custom barrier lamination!