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MacPac, Inc. was established in May 1999. Company President, Richard MacDowell has worked to find solutions to meet the specialty packaging requirements of each client. The core product groups which MacPac is focused on includes; decorative metallic mailers, industrial protective packaging products, and mil-spec approved packaging. We pride ourselves on custom production, quick turnaround, and providing high-quality packaging materials. Exceeding the customer's requirements with exceptional customer service is our mission!

Are you looking for better results on your ad campaign? Direct mail packaging from MacPac, Inc. can give you the edge you need. These mailers not only protect your investment from water and the rigors of mail delivery, but they get you noticed and leave a lasting impression on your target. Developed specifically for direct mailing campaigns, our trademarked MacPac Deco Bags® are eye-catching, durable, and protective mailers that ensure you get the attention you deserve. Plus, we have a wide selection of industrial protective packaging protects that will protect sensitive materials. Please contact us today with your stock or custom requirements. 

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